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Quality Slow Release Fertiliser


WinterGreen Turf is a budget turf that requires very little work to maintain a top quality lawn and has the benefit of being very hardy and drought tolerant ... Read more


Palmetto Buffalo Grass is a tough, soft leaf Buffalo that is available Australia wide. This turf provides a lawn grass that has excellent winter colour, and can generally out compete weeds when established. Palmetto Buffalo Grass generally requires less watering and less mowing than most other turf varieties. ... Read more

Aussie Blue

Aussiblue is the new generation turf grass for Queensland conditions. Attractive couch grass with soft fleshy leaf, guaranteed to highlight your home. A good domestic lawn, it has good wear, good drought and a far improved weed and disease resistance ... Read more


EMPIRE™ Turf grows Australia wide and provides a lawn grass which is easy to look after. It has a relatively fine leaf which is soft to touch, excellent wear tolerance and thrives in extreme heat and humidity. ... Read more